Modern PO System Use Cases

Approvol is a cloud-based system that helps SMEs to manage budgeting and procurement processes with efficiency and flexibility

Improving Team Efficiency

Businesses and organisations use Approvol for the complete procure-to-pay processes, including setting up annual budgets, raising and approving purchase requests, receiving goods and processing invoices for payments.
Approvol is designed with budget at its heart, allowing you to gain insight of your business budget and procurement performance through Approvol dashboards and reports, thus enabling data-driven business decision making.

Approvol Can Help Your Team

The best way to explain is to walk through a few typical roles in a typical company and see how Approvol help them through their daily tasks.
The example roles are,
  • Laura – Product Design Engineer
  • Max – Product Development Manager
  • Tim – Financial Controller
  • Helen – COO
  • Dave – CEO

Laura Product Design Engineer

Laura is an engineer in the Product Development department. Her job is to design and validate new products. From time to time, Laura needs to purchase tools, materials, and samples for prototyping and conducting tests.

With Approvol, Laura can enjoy an easy and transparent purchasing experience.

Max Product Development Manager

Max is the Manager of Product Development department. His department tends to execute multiple projects concurrently. He is responsible for ensuring the product development projects are delivered within schedule, quality standard, and budget.

With Approvol, Max can efficiently oversee the purchasing activities of his team while keeping project spending always under control.

Tim Financial Controller

Tim is the Financial Controller of the business. He receives and processes invoices, compiles payment schedules, and is responsible for accounts.

With Approvol, Tim can really cut down manual steps and human errors, benefiting from system automations. He can process invoices, produce budget and spending reports with much improved speed and accuracy.

Helen COO

Helen is the COO of the company. She looks after the overall operation of the business including budgets, cost control, and process improvement.

With Approvol, Helen can build and manage budgets with confidence and ease, and focus on driving the business towards to its profit targets.

Dave CEO

Dave is the CEO of the business and has the overall responsibility of the organisation.

With Approvol, Dave is able to cut down time spent on daily paperwork, understand the financial position in real time, and use data to drive big decisions.