Approvol offers flexible pricing structure to grow together with your business
We offer 50% discount to non-profit and education organisations.
How is the bill calculated?
There is a Baseline Annual Fee (BAF), in which you have certain number of POs and Invoices included. BAF is billed annually upfront. Any additional usage on top of that are charged as Additional Usage Fee (AUF) separately and billed monthly. Please refer to our pricing page for details.
Do you have a monthly billing option?
Yes, we do. Note that the monthly billing does not enjoy the discounted rate the annual billing option has. With this option you have Baseline Monthly Fee (BMF) that is billed monthly upfront. Additional Usage Fee (AUF) is billed monthly as well.
Do you offer discounts to schools or charities?
We offer 50% discount from the list price to educational institutions and registered charities.
Is there a limit on number of users?
There isn’t a limit on how many users in your organisation can access Approvol. The pricing model is based on your organisation’s usage of the system.
What is the storage limit?
Within the subscription you have 2 / 4 / 8 GB of storage depending on the plan you've picked. If you go over this limit the additional storage is charged at £1 / €1.5 / $2 per gigabyte per month.
Does Approvol support multilingual?
Approvol supports multiple languages with add-on language packs. Contact us if you need a language pack enabled.
How do I migrate from a legacy system to Approvol?
We have import tools that can help migrating key records such as users, POs, invoices, suppliers and catalogue items into Approvol. Please refer to our help documentation for details on how to import data into Approvol. Contact us if you need support.
What happen if a user leaves the organisation?
You can archive the user so the person will not able to log into Approvol any longer. However, all the existing purchasing or invoice records related the person will not be affected. This is useful for auditing purpose.
Can we export our data?
Yes, absolutely. You can export your data using our data export facility. All the key data sets are exportable from suppliers, standard items to orders and invoices. You can also export data from the dashboard and reports.
Can we use only the Purchase module not the Budget module?
Yes, you can. Modules in Approvol are loosely connected. If you only want to use the Purchase Management module you can do so. You can still set up simple budget limits in budget rules within the Purchase Management Module. However, the Budget Management module does offer better spending control detailed to annual budget items. It’s more powerful if you use two modules together.
Do you do custom features?
Bespoke customisation is possible subject to technical feasibility and additional charge. Contact us about your needs and we will assess your case.