• Goods receipts and returns processed directly from corresponding POs
  • Visualising delivery quantities in PO Item Report
  • 3-way invoice-matching check

Goods Receipts

Approvol can help you manage order tracking information. Goods receipts and returns can be processed directly from purchase orders, simplifying the process. A delivery summary is also provided to give you the most up-to-date information.

Orders can be located quickly by delivery status through their delivery receipts.

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Order Delivery Live Report

Order delivery report is available at order item level. It gives you real-time insights into delivery quantities compared with ordered, invoiced, and paid quantities, thus allowing you to keep track of every single order item’s status at every step in its lifecycle.

The report can be configured to show delivery quantities by different dimensions - for a single PO or a group of POs from a budget, a supplier or department, a budget year, or a combination of all of those, to suit your every need.

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Automatic 3-Way Invoice Matching

Approvol automatically performs a 3-way matching check when you create a new invoice. For each invoice item, its ordered and delivered quantity will be checked against the invoiced quantity to ensure accurate payment can be made.

If a mismatch is detected by the 3-way matching check, the invoice creator as well as the approvers will be alerted.

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