• Assets to invoices & purchase orders matching
  • Disposal approval process
  • Asset loan lifecycle management
  • Support both full-audit & sample-audit
  • Detailed report and dashboard

Seamless Integration with Procurement

Through integration with Approvol's Procurement module, assets can be easily linked to purchase records to display details of their acquisition, including product details, approval details, payment status, and funding sources.

Repurchasing an asset is made easy by following a linked purchase order and then copying it to make another purchase.

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Complete Traceability from Cradle to Grave

After an asset is created, features such as Asset Loan and Asset Event Report give you full visibility and control over changes to asset users, locations, custodians, and more.

The Asset Disposal function manages the approval process and clearly records how the asset ends its service. This gives you clear records of key events and responsibilities throughout an asset's life cycle.

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Asset Audit Made Easy

Approvol turns manual asset auditing into a highly automated process. In just a few clicks, asset audits can be initiated against a full list or just selected ones. Approvol automatically notifies custodians to perform audits.

The audit's overview board provides real-time updates as audit results become available. Deviations identified by the audit are automatically notified to asset managers for confirmation and record updates.

Audit results are recorded and presented as a group as well as for each individual asset.

Approvol's Asset Audit eliminates numerous emails, spreadsheets or phone calls from the audit process, saving you a lot of time and effort and making the audit process highly efficient and data transparent.

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Clear Records of Decisions

Your asset disposal process is made straightforward and transparent by Approvol. Disposal approval rules can be configured to enforce management policies. A threshold of asset value can be applied to reduce the required approval levels.

Disposal details such as disposal date, reclaimed value or notes may be saved for future reference. Disposed assets can be reinstated in the event of an error in processing or late discovery.

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Real-time & Centralised Visibility

Get an accurate, real-time overview of the assets you own, update or move with Approvol's intuitive asset dashboards and reports. Approvol provides colleagues across the business with the same set of asset data, a single source of truth, and eliminates problems caused by different records or understandings.

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