• Create Purchase requests easily in 3 steps or from cloning
  • Budget commitments & balances enable data driven decision making
  • Choose order items quickly from catalogue while allowing custom items
  • Notifications through in-system messaging or email at each step as approvals progress
  • Decisions & actions recorded for audit purpose

Easy Steps to Raise Requests

New purchase requests can be easily raised from a 3-step process, or by simply cloning an existing order. Order items can be selected from the in system catalogue, or entered as custom items. Attachment can also be uploaded as supporting documents.

During approver selection, additional accompanying notes and messages can optionally be sent with the submission. Approvers can then approve, or reject and provide a reason.

Requests and POs are amendable and version controlled. All key actions and decisions are recorded in the audit log.

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Keeping Spending Within Budget

Raising a new purchase order starts with choosing a budget. From the selected budget, the system can present you with the latest data such as budget limits, PO values, and remaining budget balances. You will also be notified in cases where over-budgeting is detected.

This not only ensures the request originator is aware of the budget condition when raising a request, but also allows the approvers to make an informed decision to keep everything in budget from all measured angles, from budget item to whole budget stream, or from a department to the whole business.

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Notified Every Step of The Way

Purchase requests are sent to the approvers through in-system notification as well as by email as they are raised. Likewise, throughout the approval process, as approvals granted or decisions made otherwise, the request originator and approvers are notified in the same way.

All your most recent requests, either submitted by you or waiting for your approval, are immediately available from your personal dashboard. All in-system messages are easily accessible from the notification panel anywhere as well.

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