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In every charity or a public sector organisation, budget control and spending audit is always high on the priority list.

With Approvol, you can easily set up limits at different levels and get notified when the system detects potential to run over-budget. This way, you can be assured that spending will always be within pre-agreed budgets.

All the requests and decisions are recorded for traceability, accessible anytime and anywhere.


Education institutions are facing increasing budget challenges, but resources are getting tighter and tighter. Precise and effortless spending control are what you need.

Approvol helps education institutions by removing their burden from tedious administrative checks. With Approvol, budget monitoring, procurement processes, and reports are all automated.

Decision makers and the finance team can easily get notified, review budget statuses, and then make purchase decisions with confidence. The whole process is achieved effortlessly and with precision.


Whoever has the best cost control wins in the tough competition.

Approvol provides a suite of tools to help you gain insights into your spending profile. You can use Approvol to analyse the top suppliers and buyers, see spending distribution across all departments or budget streams, and understand where potential savings can be achieved.

Approvol can also provide forecasts into potential annual profits from income figures.


Time is money. When your profit margin needs to be tightly controlled, you don’t want your sub-contractors to sit and wait on site for materials to arrive.

With Approvol, you can easily repeat orders, track quantities and statues, and be assured that invoices are settled correctly through three-way-matching.


R&D is inherently very expensive. With paper or spreadsheets, it is impossible to know where the money has gone.

With Approvol, you can set up R&D projects as budget streams. You can also use budget categories to break down large and complex projects. As your team spends, you can see how each project’s budget performs, including breakdowns of each department and budget category.


With branches operating cross regions or even countries, you need a central place to control and monitor spending of the whole business.

Approvol allows you to assign a budget limit to each department or branch, while operating under the same set of budget streams. This allows you to oversee not only the budget performance of each individual branch, but also the combined status of the whole business.