• Budget stream dependent approval rules
  • Approval with or without level progression
  • Sole or multiple approvers at each level
  • Reduced approval levels for small value requests
  • Approver-specific single & monthly approval limits

Budget Stream Dependant Approval Rules

Take advantage of Approvol’s flexible customisation to create approval rules that are best suited to your business’s needs. Each budget stream has its own set of approval rules.

You can choose approval progression mode, set total required approval levels, assign one or multiple approvers to each level, as well as define a threshold that reduced approval levels can be triggered for small value purchase.

Approval rules can be set and applied to purchase approval, annual budget approval, and invoice approval.

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2 Progression Modes

Approvol supports up to 5 approval levels, and you can choose between 2 different approval progression mode to suit your business needs.

Linear progression mode submits requests to the next level for further approval when the previous level is approved, reducing the amount of actions required overall.

Accelerated progression mode submits requests to approvers of all levels immediately, reducing the amount of waiting time.

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Individual Approver Limits

Approvol supports Approval Authorisation Limits assigned to approvers individually, for a single request and/or monthly combined, and for each budget stream and/or all budget stream together.

Validation during approval to ensure Approval Authorisation Limits are observed, and to abort the approval process when limits are breached.

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